The “Send Feedback” button in Power Query

Power Query is a great tool and it is getting better every month. Part of Power Query’s success is possibly the “Send Feedback” button, which gives you a hotline with the Power Query team. You can choose between a Smile or a Frown. Today I sent a Frown. With a smile.

How to set Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA?

Changing Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA isn’t as straightforward as you might think. In particular there is a localization issue.

Normalize data: from Userfriendly to Pivotfriendly

If possible I always use pivottables to create reports in Excel. Pivottables need well formed, normalized data tables as source, which are usually not suitable for data entry. In this post I describe two techniques to bridge the gap between userfriendly and pivotfriendly data structures.

Pivottable data connection models

The way a datasource connects to a PivotTable depends on the datasource. In this post an overview of the six connection models that you can create by means of Excel’s userinterface.

Excel and XML: four observations and two bugs

I have been working with Xml files in Excel for some time now, and thought it is time to share some observations.