RGS en XAF: bevindingen

In de afgelopen weken heb ik onderzoek gedaan naar het Referentie Grootboekschema RGS en de combinatie van RGS met de XML Auditfiles, met name XAF 3.2. Mijn bevindingen heb ik beschreven in twee openbare Power BI sites.

How to set Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA?

Changing Excel’s ActivePrinter using VBA isn’t as straightforward as you might think. In particular there is a localization issue.

Normalize data: from Userfriendly to Pivotfriendly

If possible I always use pivottables to create reports in Excel. Pivottables need well formed, normalized data tables as source, which are usually not suitable for data entry. In this post I describe two techniques to bridge the gap between userfriendly and pivotfriendly data structures.

Pivottable data connection models

The way a datasource connects to a PivotTable depends on the datasource. In this post an overview of the six connection models that you can create by means of Excel’s userinterface.

Excel and XML: four observations and two bugs

I have been working with Xml files in Excel for some time now, and thought it is time to share some observations.