Mastermind in Excel

In this post an Excel worksheet implementation of the well known Mastermind game. I developed the Mastermind part of this workbook several years ago. For this showcase app I added a scoreboard, and turned it into a so called dictator application.

Sequence of events in Userforms

In a previous post I wrote about the sequence of events in workbooks. This post is about the sequence of events in a simple userform. To built a reliable userform you need to know something about the userform mysteries.

A few notes on MSForms 2.0

Userforms and userform controls are not part of the Excel Object Model but have their own package. In this article some general notes on the MSForms library.

The active control of a userform

If you need to know which control on a userform has the focus you could consider to use the ActiveControl property of the UserForm. However, this property does not necessarily point to the control having the focus.